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Embracing the True You

As you navigate the world pursuing your dreams, possibly as a parent and professional, you also want to look and feel amazing with products made and formulated specially for you.

Whether you're driving your kids to recitals, signing million-dollar deals, or jetting off to Fashion Week, our eco-friendly, multi-purpose cosmetics serve as your trusted companions to effortlessly enhance your beauty, freeing you from unnecessary complexity.

Our Founder & Boss Babe

Hi, I’m Samreen Arshad, Founder, and CEO of Samreen’s Vanity.

As a Pakistani immigrant, I came to America as a college student with $500 in my pocket and had the audacity to dream bigger.

I wanted to create a brand crafted for South Asian people who no longer want to be held back from elevating their best selves and can see themselves reflected in an elegantly customized cosmetic company.

At SamreensVanity, we know makeup can’t transform you into a different person, but can help you feel your best.

True Fact: Makeup saved my life.

After having my son, I had postpartum depression, and used makeup as a way to help my state, and in turn it did so much for my mental health.

I saw an opportunity to empower more people by using makeup as a way to do more than help their outer appearance. It was a way to help them enhance their soul with joyful experiences.



“The products are clean, cruelty free, halal, and kosher.”

“Absolutely gorgeous and on point!”

“She’s perfected a dual-ended nude lipstick and lip liner with an earthy, warm hue and semi-matte finish.”

“They create versatile, eco-friendly products that make travel a breeze while being kinder to the planet.”

Gorgeous, Luxe, and Effortless

Our products are convenient, multi-use, sustainable, so you can travel light and have less of an environmental impact along the way.






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